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|Monday, May 21, 2018|

Adoption Services

Sister Mary Francis - Kindness
May 2018

Adoption: Breeder, Labradoodles, Long Island, NY, 11797

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Adoption: Breeder, Doberman, Michael Morrison, Certified Professional, AKA Certified, Phoenix, Arizona, 11234

Adoption: New York Breeders, New York, NY 11797

Adoption: Owner, Labrador Pup, Richmond, Kentucky 12354

Adoption: Breeder, Lhasa Apso Puppies, Winter Park, FL 10032

Adoption: Breeder, German Shepherd, East Northport, NY, 11731


Adoption: Breeder, White Labrador Puppies, Chapel Hill, TN

Adoption: Shelter/Rescue, King Charles Cavalier, Geo Adoption Services, Canine Care Certified, AKC Certified, Arkansas, USA


Adoption: Breeder, Chocolate Labrador, Marilyn Strock, Certified Professional, AKA Certified, Seattle, Washington, 11888

Adoption: Owner, Needs a Home, English Bulldog, Kings Park, NY, 11754


Adoption: Dog Locator, German Shepherd, Red Mountain, Certified Professional, AKA Certified, Tucson Arizona


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