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|Monday, May 21, 2018|

How Dogthority Works

Let Dogthority help find the assistance your dog needs


Look around at the best services in town


Looking for someone to keep your dog overnight while you are away?, a mobile dog groomer perhaps?, maybe you are looking to adopt a dog?


Contact service providers from their profile page


When you find a match, work directly with the service provider.  No middle man required.  Research all your options quickly on Dogthority.


Book and pay directly to your service provider.


Get to know your service provider, use their profile page to book and pay for services directly to the provider.


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Feature Articles

Tips & Articles on how to maximize your dog experience

Another dog for the family ?


Dog Socialization

Creating Trust

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Simplify life's messages into Dog Speak.  Check out our wall art and other great dog gift ideas. Thank you so much for your support.


Dog Speak is a proud sponsor of Dogthority



ALL You Need is Love and a DOG

How true are these words.  Makes a great gift for that special dogger.  Looks great on that small wall in any room.





Having a DOG makes you RICH

As doggers we all feel this way about our dogs.  This is a great reminder and to us all on the simple things in life., mean the most.



DOGTHORITY has been under development for over two years, and is ready to launch its innovative information and


business management platform.  It is expected to become the  standard for business and consumers alike for essential


dog services.As we continue to gain subscription clientele for our launch and our fan base grows, DOGTHORITY will


become the go-to service solution for dog owners.



At this time, we are offering a significant discount to service


providers that subscribe to DOGTHORITY under the early entry program.



ANYONE who purchases through the early entry program offering will receive a 60% discount and more importantly will


lock in that discount price for life - no price increase on the core offering as long as renewals are maintained on a yearly


basis.This means future enhancements that are applied to the core offering are made available to you automatically at

no additional cost. 



[Exception to this is for features outside the core offering that involve third party integrations and carry service costs]

References is an LLC  services listing website and does not engage in the delivery of dog related services.   All listing information presented on the website is for informational and self-help purposes for finding dog related service professionals. is not affiliated with the independent service providers shown on this website and does not engage in any business related matters that occur between client and service provider.  Use of this site is strictly subject to Terms of Use policy. 


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